A dutiful son shares his career highlights

“The best repayment to your parents is not material possessions, but the duty you show as their sons and daughters in relieving them of burdens”.

An enduring  gem of wisdom that Captain Dan Gruta left as parting words to  children of seafarers  as he closed a mentoring session  with students of Saint Pancras Academy,  a progressive school south of Manila.

In a feature article from the Maritime Review  titled  Capt. Gruta Mentors Children of Seafarers,  Vicky Viray-Mendoza writes about Dan’s deeply meaningful  journey —  a life  similar to “experiences (of Filipino Seafarer’s  children)” and  characterized by  “close ties developed during his career with Filipino Seafarers”.

Here’s a key learning outcome from anecdotes around Capt. Dan’s  life story:  common culture helps  one accomplish  personal or professional mission.

Quick article review:

“Great item about Dan Gruta on the Seafarer Asia Magazine.” ~ COMMO Carlos L Agustin AFP (Ret), President, Maritime League

To read more about Capt. Gruta’s story, follow  to this link: http://maritimereview.ph/past-issues/mr-2016-03-04.pdf

P.S.  Capt. Gruta is a guest writer  at SeeQ.

Image Source: http://maritimereview.ph/